Monday, September 23, 2013

UMNO Vs PKR: Who is losing their edge?

PKR Deputy President, N Surendran was urged to look into a mirror before making such claim regarding UMNO. He made a statement saying that UMNO has lost their edge and the lack of credible leaders seems reflecting to him and his own PKR party.

Surendran said that in the current BN condition, after suffering a significant decline on the amount of votes and failed to recapture Selangor in the last 13th General Election, UMNO seems to be in a daze as they are heading towards a much more humiliating defeat in the next general election. More over when everyone in UMNO are refusing to admit that the weakness comes because of their inability to challenge the top post in UMNO today.

According to Surendran, this is the prove that UMNO is lacking credible leaders to replace the weak leadership of the current administration.

Surendran forgets that BN maybe in its worst state in the GE ever, but for UMNO, the increase of votes is certainly something worth noting. Thus, it is not fair to put the blame on what had happened in the last General Election is because of UMNO leaders. What is happening in the last PRU, is because of the racial slurs that is played too often by irresponsible parties which made 100% of the Chinese opposes Barisan Nasional.

As the leader of all of BN component parties, an UMNO leader holds dearly in the spirit of friendship and responsibility to safeguard the harmony of the people. Because of that, UMNO leaders cannot promise any special treatment with any race without taking into account the benefits of the other.

However, this is what the opposition are promising the country, the Chinese Supremacy for Chinese community, without taking into consideration the effect to this country and its diverse races. It is not shocking to see if almost all of the Chinese voted for the opposition in the last general election.

The truth is, any promise that has been brought on the table by the opposition is irresponsible because it only move us towards instability and maybe even destruction.

For Pakatan Rakyat leaders, to promise something that will eventually bring destruction to the nation, and this proves they are not even good citizen how come they can be a good leader of this country. PR also does not have a new generation of leaders that they can hope for in the future. All of PR members are copycats of their predecessor.

PR is actually having problems regarding the extinction of good leaders. The problem starts from the extreme nepotism that they practice. Father, mother, sons, daughters, in-laws and close friends are those who are eligible to gain access to high position in both of the parties. The results, Pakatan Rakyat are not moving forward and they cannot change even if they have existed a few decades now.

Different from UMNO, a leader come and goes. Leaders can be criticized by any of their members. Some were prosecuted and some were found guilty. Plus when there are party leaders who looks weak, even though at the helm of the party, is not excluded from being forced to leave their post.

This only happens because UMNO is strong enough so that the leadership can be changed anytime. It also proves that UMNO never had any problem to find a successor.

The same thing cannot be seen in Pakatan Rakyat. PKR is not the same without Anwar Ibrahim, DAP will be hollowed without or PAS with the absence of Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang. In short, these parties cannot change without destroying their identities.

Thus, the lack of new leaders is suffered by Pakatan Rakyat and not UMNO. Surendran must look into the mirror first before telling lies to the people of Malaysia.

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