Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DAP CEC: DAP Do Not Trust Ambiga.

The DAP CEC election has been filled with controversy, to the extent that it has affected the party credibility. Now, the members are focusing fully on the re-election that will be held on the 29th of September.
However, the public believe that the DAP election will not be done transparently and without any fraud. The doubt originates from the current development that shows that the action of DAP leaders is truly mind boggling.
People are getting sick of the DAP leaders, some of the delegates shows that they are being left out of the special meeting that was allegedly held to discuss the re-election. This meeting was never before held in the history of DAP. DAP leaders chose specific people to be elected and this particular action angers most of the DAP members who are not included.
            What’s puzzling is that, even though the issue is getting bigger to the extent that they were forced to hold a re-election, the party did not even investigate why 753 delegates did not receive any notice for the previous meeting. DAP leaders are trying to justify the absence of 753 delegates in the early election. In other words, DAP leaders did not admit their mistakes.
            They are trying to lie to the people by saying that 500 delegates had already sent a note saying that they could not come to the meetings. The DAP has yet to show to the public any of the notes.
            DAP Vice Chairman for the constituency of Ladang Paroi, David Dass, has asked for an injunction from the court so that they can stop the election before it is held again for the second time.
            Clearly it shows that DAP members do not trust the DAP to held the re-election they are seen as fail to held a clean and fair election.
            Thus, many people suggested that the DAP must appoint BERSIH to look into the re-election. Ambiga Sreevanesan, who were obsessed with clean election have to be ready to lead the surveillances unit, plus, she must understand that those who were side-lined were from her own race.
Ambiga should make sure that there are no racist elements in the re-election in the DAP CEC.
Because of racism, DAP do not trust Ambiga to put her in a position where she can look into the CEC. DAP are willing to pay an international company (PKF Accountants and Business Advisers) to look into the CEC re-election process. The company is responsible to ensure that the counting of the votes for 2,576 delegates who are eligible to vote. The vote count will be made manually and also by a cross checking computer software.

The action of using an audit company is a drastic change for the party that is seen as a way to return the faith to the party among its members. However, it is seen as a desperate move and it is a sign that the DAP’s credibility has been destroyed completely.
Just imagine, to count 2,576 votes, the DAP party have been surveillances by an international audit firm. In the same time the DAP accused that the Malaysian government hold an unclean election. Ironically, DAP leaders who are not even trusted by its people are being celebrated for their roles in BERSIH.
It seems that, they do not trust each other even though they are always working side by side and seems to be in the same zone as one another. It is true what they say about liars, a liar knows another liar, and they could not bear to trust their comrades even when they are in the same boat.

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