Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Now the oppositions are so desperate that they are going down to the masses…to the kampong people…trying hard to relive the Baling demonstration time when Anwar Ibrahim was put there by students who organized a demo against the government.

Anwar and those involved relived the event at a forum in Petaling Jaya, Selangor,  Sunday night, expressing the need for the masses to join the move by the oppositions to topple the government.

He said uprising did not come from middle or upper class but from the masses…imagine what he was saying…THE POOR ARE THE ONES THAT WILL HELP THEM TOPPLE THE GOVERNMENT AND THE MIDDLE AND UPPER CLASS LIKE THEM WILL REAP THE BENEFIT.

That was what exactly he said which meaning, of course, was not said openly…it is like you poor people stage an uprise la because you people have the reasons and when the government is toppled, we will manage.

Anwar and the oppositions are desperate because their strategies have all along backfired one by one and they now they feel, just like the Arab spring, get the masses who are the poor, homeless, jobless and whatever less…stage the uprising.

It is easy to mobilise the poor as they can be ‘pulled by the nose’ like what PAS has been doing…mobilizing its members in demonstrations as they can be packed in buses, sleep in packed houses and mosques, they do not mind packed lunch and so on.

This is what Anwar and gang are thinking right now as their support and influence continue to drop at a fast rate given the aggressive projects PM Najib Tun Razak has been embarking since past two years.
Transformation that see benefits going directly to the people without much rhetoric and talks…fulfilling what have been promised and giving out new unpromised programs which change the people’s minds slowly but definitely.

Anwar and gang tried hard to pit former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad against Najib and Rosmah but failed and they tried pitting former IGP Musa Hassan against present present Ismail and failed too.

So they go the masses…trying to spur them to stage an uprise…which truly reflected their desperation and their ‘out of touch with the reality’.

They truly do not see that the kampong folks are already ‘advance’ in their thinking and they are accessible to the truth through internet…and various information avenues that are giving the true pictures of the current economic and political scene in the country.

The make-believe stories from oppositions are no longer taken as the truth as kampong people can now verify with the various information avenues available.

Thus, Anwar and gang’s attempt to spur the poor kampong folks to stage an uprise for them to take over Putrajaya seems very remote so long as the BN continues its programs that benefits the people.

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