Thursday, November 8, 2012


The oppositions are going after every leaders particularly UMNO to retain their onslaught and prevent their influence from eroding further.

With blunders in their actions and statements, they divert these weaknesses by revealing or exposing the alleged corrupt practices of each individual Cabinet members.

Of course, if one is to do a thorough search, one can find lots of mistakes and weaknesses of one’s enemy and one can always expose these weaknesses or whatever one call them…corrupt practices, nepotism or cronyism or whatever name the West have coined.

On the other hand, no one can deny that some of those in power do such things and this need to be addressed quick and fast.

The civil servants serving the various ministries and ministers are no less dangerous than the visible ‘political enemies’ in the opposition parties as these civil servants are privy to all the confidentialities and private meetings of their bosses.

The many exposures highlighted by the oppositions are none other than leaks by these civil servants who are disgusted or dissatisfied or even vengeance against those ministers.

They are personal and their support for oppositions are based on these factors, not ideologies and philosophies and as such, a few of them, who are close friends to those in oppositions would have leaked some confidential records which the oppositions used to hit out at the ruling BN.

These ‘insiders’ are the ones that are now being used by the oppositions to get ‘inside facts’ to be used as ‘bullets’ in their attacks against individuals who are now serving in the Cabinet.

It is very disheartening and sickening when one has someone stabbing from the back while one is fighting an open and visible enemy infront, this is particularly so when one tries hard to satisfy one’s own backyard needs.

Civil servants are known to have ‘a kind of determining votes’ in any general election not just the numbers but more so the subtle influence to the general public.

Like it or not, the fall of Selangor BN in 2008 general election can partly be attributed to former MB Mohd Khir Toyo’s treatment to one of the chairman of the council there a year before the election.
So given the present circumstances, Prime Minister Najib Tun  Razak needs to address the dissatisfaction within the civil service because this would determine the oppositions would not get ‘leaked confidential information ’ as well as loses votes.

Civil servants are actually the backbone of the ruling government and when they get angry, the government can fail and fall.

It is up to Najib to tackle this small group in the civil service who are leaking information to the oppositions and in fact, members of the public who are supporting the ruling party are also talking about this in the recent months.

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