Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So Anwar Ibrahim is not interested to become Prime Minister? Or he is ‘shy’ to say that he wanted the post badly? Or he would quietly tell his people in PAS to continue ‘rubbing’ members of the party’s Syura Council to review its stand on the post.

Anwar told a press conference at PR’s convention that the matter was a non-issue…the position that he has been aiming for since the 90s when he was a Deputy Prime Minister to then Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
He had been very impatient and very vicious in his ways to become the PM and after he was out of Umno and BN, he organized street demonstrations just to topple Tun Dr Mahathir, no conscience and no mercy.

Ruthless and willing to sell his soul to the highest bidder as long as he gets what he want, Anwar suddenly today said the subject matter was a non-issue, while the whole country waits for him to put his foot down and say he would be the PM.

FEAR struck him because he cannot control his partner, an Islamic party whose leaders know him well and know what he is like if he becomes PM.

PAS is now the strongest party that can help him to win the Malay Muslims voters as his own party PKR is considered as ‘dead wood’, used by DAP only to bark – meaning exposing make-believed allegations – main aim is to destabilize and make the Malay government and institutions lose their credibility.

The main target is of course, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who is successful in fulfilling the needs and desires of the population as well as fulfilling the pledges and promises made during last general election.

So now Anwar is finding it more difficult to achieve his ambition because PAS is not with him and DAP is just using him and will make him his ‘tool’ as the party leaders have got ‘by the balls’ as the saying goes.

The situation is not good for Anwar as without PAS support, he would not get to be the PM as PAS still wants Abdul Hadi Awang to be PM, PAS know who Anwar was and still is.

With Najib going on an onslaught and not just Anwar and DAP feeling the heat, PAS is in worse position due to Nik Aziz NIk Mat’s statement that whoever accepts the BR1M were animals, a statement that went right into the hearts and minds of PAS grass-roots because they were the ones who took the aid, a sincere aid from the government to uplift their burden.

Thus, the situation is truly bad for Anwar and probably, he sees his ambition flying out the political window because even with carpet seller Deepak Jaikishan’s help, the support for him is still decreasing, especially among the Malays.

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