Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear PM @NajibRazak , the Malay Muslim Bumiputera are FED UP !!

Lim Kit Siang has again, well i always say this about this guy but again he talked nonsense  (Refer The Malaysian Insiderand seems to be blaming everybody BUT himself and DAP. It seems that UMNO are the crooked one, the oppressed one and etc but DAP are the angels born from heaven.  If all of us, Malaysian remember correctly, prior to GE 12, yes i mean the Pre - 2008 it was bloody good.  All races could sit down together, discuss, lepak at Mamak and what not without being wary of one another. 

However, as soon as PR won 5 states , we became more polarized, DAP became more chauvinist, the DAP Chinese became more bolder because for them now "kita sudah ada kuasa" . Come on, the Muslim Malay's had power for the last 60 years and what this we do? We provided you with ample opportunities to succeed in this country. The policies that Tun M propagated had benefit the Chinese tycoons tremendously. Zaid Ibrahim can confirm to this. 

In addition, those tycoons that were filthy rich by this Malay Muslim Bumiputera government did not even employ the Malays. Look at Berjaya group under Vincent Tan, the percentage of Chinese working in his conglomerate is enormous, compared to the Malay's who only work in 7 elevens, have we make any issue out of this? None! 

The reason why we are getting polarized now is simple, it is because the Malay's are fed up, fed up of the DAP Chinese who are blaming everybody but themselves. Fed up because the Najib administration, knowing full well that the DAP Chinese will not support BN still gave them what ever they wanted, the Malay's are fedup because we think we deserve more, and now we want our share. We want the 60%, yes 60% of the economic pie of the country. Why shall the Malay's, comprises 60% of the country population settle for 30%? would the DAP Chinese agree to this if they were in our shoes? No !!

Again, the Malay Muslim Bumiputera are FED UP and we WANT our share !


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