Saturday, March 2, 2013


The incident where a group of armed Filipinos who are followers of the Sultanate of Sulu occupying a village in Lahad Datu is not as straight forward as others might think.

In fact, the timing of the incursion also raised alot of suspicion.

A lot of people like me who was born in Lahad Datu asks this fundamental question - Why it only happens now when the country is heading for the General Election?

Moreover, it only happened after Malaysia has successfully brokered a peace deal between the Philippines Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Let us look at what the Philippines and International media reported so far.

First, there have been reports from various Philippines media as well as international news agencies, for example, Reuters, that a Malaysian Opposition politician allied with opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was believed to have met with the Sulu Sultan late last year and gave the Opposition’s support to their claim to Sabah.

At the same, Philippine Inquirer revealed that their meeting took place in November last year with the Sulu Sultan decided to “reclaim Sabah or at least ask for a compensation. The report said the Philippines Military intelligence sources consistently mentioned three groups that appear to have taken advantage of the decision of the Sulu Sultan to pursue their Sabah claim.

These “external factors,” as an Inquirer source described, are one small fraction that is in it for the money, an anti-Aquino administration group, and the Malaysian political Opposition.

The source also said the Sulu Sultan and their followers “conceived the details of the plan to go to Lahad Datu” in late January this year. In February, a small group of the Sulu Sultan’s followers left for Lahad Datu, to be followed by Raja Muda Agbimuddin which has landed in Tandao, Lahad Datu.

Malaysian security forces have encircled Agbimuddin’s group but are holding action, with the grace period for the group to leave having been extended three times and a fourth being requested by the Philippine government. Malaysia has allowed the impasse to continue because they are extra careful in dealing with Agbimmudin’s group.

Secondly, there were also reports that linked Nur Misuari, the leader of Moro National Liberation Front which has closed ties with Sulu Sultan with the Lahad Datu Incursion.

The report mention Nur Misuari is unhappy with peace deal between Philippines Government and MILF that was brokered by Malaysia. MILF is a splinter group from MNLF.

Malaysia has previously brokered a peace deal between MNLF, headed by Misuari and Philippines Government in the 1990s.

However, Misuari was reported angry with Malaysia after it has also successfully brokered another peace deal between the Philippines Government with his rival group, MILF at the end of last year.

The story didn't ended there as the Philippines media also reported that the Philippines military establishment has revealed to them that

Anwar has met Nur Misuari recently in Manila. Later, Misuari was reported to have meet Sulu Sultan before the Lahad Datu incursion happen.

The fact that Anwar was closed to Misuari has been revealed by Raja Petra through his blog, Malaysia Today where he has published a document from wikileak of a May 2007 -- communication from the American Embassy in Manila which reaffirms Nur Misuari's strong relationship with Anwar.

One can see some quarters on the internet are recycling unrelated video of killings in the Philippines and associating them to the Lahad Datu shooting. Everything what they do is clearly to gain political mileage and continuing to paint a bad picture of the present Government. Social media becomes an avenue to spread rumours and create viral negative spin to win emotional votes at the 11th hour before the General Election.

Now, given all the statements by the international media, from credible sources and how things are spun through the social media, it really raised alarm bells whether the Lahad Datu incident was carefully pre-planned just before the General Election 2013.

You be the judge.

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